The 'Living Skies' Bracelet IX

Vibrant, cotton-candy coloured skies, rich in depth and filled with wonder, the prairie landscapes have had the most incredible backdrops this year. 

From sunrise to sunset, 2021 was a magical array of colours. Summer skies shimmer across a prairie lake, the stars filling the sky with sparkle, it's no surprise we are known as the land of living skies. The prairie skies sing with whimsy and wonder, filling our souls with childlike excitement and reminding us to be present; to stop and appreciate the gift that is right in front of us. 

The 'Living Skies' bracelet has been created many times before, each time drawing on the surroundings of my environment as inspiration. I can't count on both hands how many times this prairie province blessed us with magical skies this year, all year long. 

This design embodies the gratitude I felt for these beautiful canvasses, often stopping what I was doing to simply admire and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. If I could bottle those views up and replay them to my heart's content, you know I would. Instead, I allowed my intuition to guide me and create the 9th version of a well-loved classic.

It's my bougiest version yet, filled with vibrant royal blues, warm coppers and soft rose golds. Complete with texture and dimension, rich in depth, and balanced with the perfect amount of contrast, these bracelets are an expression of my appreciation for the prairie landscapes of 2021 ♥