The Soaring Butterfly Bracelet

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Have you changed recently? Shown growth? Evolved? Expanded? 

Think about the transformation a butterfly goes through to come into it’s own skin. The evolution and the journey they're on before we see them in their most beautiful form is nothing short of magical. 

This bracelet is intended to serve as a reminder of your growth and to encourage you to continue loving your truest self.

As you glance down at the butterfly on your wrist, I hope you will close your eyes and imagine a butterfly is perched on your arm; reminding you how beautiful and majestic you are. Imagine that this experience is real, allow yourself to simply be in the moment, to pause, catch your breath and ready yourself for your next adventure. 

Let this butterfly represent your beautiful, authentic soul in it’s purest form. 

Shed - Fly - Soar - Be YOU!

• 6.5" - 9" chain length (with extender) 

• 14kt plated white/rose/yellow gold

• Lobster Clasp