“Timeless, not trendy, filled with heart and passion; it’s more than jewelry at Blue Jeans & Pearls, it’s a lifestyle.”
Intentionally designed jewelry that serves as a visual reminder to recalibrate and find your inner balance.

Blue Jeans & Pearls is created with meaning and intention, pieces that serve as powerful recalibration tools - reminding you of a purpose or an affirmation. Every time you catch a glimpse of them adorning you or feel the jewels against your skin, you can be taken back to that intention; again and again.

Beaded Gemstone Bracelets

A collection of intuitively designed beaded bracelets with intention. Using primarily Gemstones,... 

Intentional jewelry designed to help you shine

At Blue Jeans & Pearls, its's more than jewelry - it's a lifestyle. Intuitively designed jewelry with a focus on quality and versatility. I believe our bodies are our temples, and we should adorn ourselves with loving intention; choosing creations that help us express our authenticity and soothe our soul.

adorn yourself

  • Sunstone & Moonstone W Rose Gold

    There is much to say about this stunner, and yet no words could adequately express the magic this creation possesses. Sunstone & Moonstone is quite literally a match made in the Heavens, and this combination means serious business.

    Goddess Vibes Await 
  • Faceted Fancy Jasper w Copper & Silver

    I'm currently wearing Fancy Jasper with the intention of increasing my well-being. I'd been neglecting myself and this stone is the perfect reminder that it's ok to take care of me. Of course no crystal or item really holds any merit without the power of intention. So, set that intention and get on with your healed self!

    Adorn Yourself 
  • Moonstone, Mother of Pearl & Champagne Druzy

    This bracelet was designed out of my desire to help cultivate and evoke more love. When our heart's are out of balance, it can become difficult to navigate all the other parts of life. Add everything else on top of that, and it's no surprise you're yearning for some calm in all the chaos.

    Soothe Your Soul 
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