Collection: Diffuser Bracelets

Lava Stone is a very porous stone and makes the perfect accessory for adding some essential oil magic to your day.

Each bracelet is designed to be half lava stone, and the other half is the design. In between both sets of beads, is a separating bead. To apply your oils, simply lay the bracelet on a cloth and hold the bottle 1-2" away from the beads - some oils dispense more quickly than others, so be mindful of this. Aim to keep the oils on the 5-6 most centred lava stone beads, applying a few drops to the section and allowing them to be fully absorbed. 10-15 minutes is sufficient, this allows the porous lava stone to fully soak in the oils before wearing. 

Some people like to have one diffuser bracelet for calming oils and one for energizing, etc. Oils will stick in the beads for several days, so having more than one allows you to switch things up as desired. If you'd like to switch the properties/scent, simply leave the bracelet without an application for a few days. The original oil will not fully diffuse in that time, but will soften enough to have the new oils take over. 

Please note, oils can be acidic and all oils have the potential to ruin the finish of polished pieces. This is why the bracelets are designed in a half-and-half fashion - to allow full absorption prior to mixing with other materials.