A little lesson in loving yourself

A little lesson in loving yourself

To compare your beauty to another’s is to diminish your own self worth. To wish yourself skinnier or curvier or taller, is to rob yourself of the joy and appreciation within the version of you that already exists. Do you not believe we are all worthy of love? Are we not all beautiful in our own way? If we believe this, why don’t we practice it. Why do we make hypocrites out of ourselves and feed into the toxic societal bullshit that we must look a certain way to be a certain thing or to lead a certain lifestyle. If only we could look at ourselves with the same eyes that others look at us with. What a beautiful shift that could create. 

Despite my squishy belly button and extra curvy hips, I LOVE this picture. I love my outfit! I almost didn’t even try the shirt on because I was sure I was “still too fat to wear that” or “I could never pull that off, my boobs are way too big and I hate my stomach.” My sister actually pushed me to try it on after I mentioned how cute I thought it was. I’m grateful for that, because when I looked past my insecurities, I felt happy in it. It made me smile, it’s just a cheery shirt, and the colours look great on me! How silly it would be to rob myself of the joy I found in other aspects of the shirt, just because I couldn’t stop focusing on my squishy belly button. Lame. I’m better than that (or at least I’m trying to be).

And ya know what, maybe one day I’ll be thinner than I am in this picture and maybe one day I’ll be thicker 🤷🏻‍♀️ Either one is ok. It’s ok to love yourself and still want to change things. It’s ok to love yourself and still want to be better. Loving yourself can start now, and will continue growing deeper as you explore new levels of yourself. Loving yourself and pushing through discomfort is growth, and growth will take you further than hustle ever will. So why don’t we start? Let’s create change even in the face of discomfort. Let’s share the pictures of ourselves we aren’t even totally in love with - case in point this one ☝🏼 Because if you aren’t uncomfortable, you’re probably not growing. 

P.S. Love yourself, you’re worth it

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