Abstract Beauties

Abstract Beauties

These bracelets are a reflection of my heart, a little glimpse into my soul. Bold, beautiful and a little bit whimsical, each one is truly one-of-a-kind. A mix of different shapes, sizes and elements make each bracelet a small, wearable piece of art. Ranging from magical gemstones like Black Onyx, Garnet, Rose Quartz, Druzy, Goldstone, Jasper, Hematite and who knows what else to resin, glass and metal.

The variety of beads and elements ensures that each bracelet is different, but each piece shares one common feature - the stunning faceted Rose Quartz bead in the center of a metal focal bead. This feature is symbolic to me of the power we can create when we unite in love. While each of these unique beauties is different, they all share this common feature. A reminder to choose love and kindness in all things, a reminder to look at life through other's eyes, a reminder to shift our perspective and remind us that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves. A tangible reminder that when we love, we help heal the collective. We are a whole, we are one, and these bracelets are a reflection of the beauty in our diversity and a desire to unite those diversities with love ♥

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