An inside look at how we got started

An inside look at how we got started

Hi! Thanks so much for being here and checking out our 1st ever blog post! If you've been following along on social media or at pop-ups and markets from the beginning, you likely already know quite a bit about me. If you're new here, welcome! I look forward to growing with you.

Blue Jeans and Pearls - Handmade Jewelry Regina SaskatchewanMe in a nutshell - I'm an open-hearted, intuitive empath on a mission to help others live their best life. I am so grateful for every soul that is led to me and my business, you are all a part of my journey.

Now, back to the reason, we’re here – a bit about how we got started. Truthfully, the start was much earlier than anyone would guess, even myself. In fact, it's only now as I sit down to think about it, I realize it was always a part of me and in some ways inevitable that I would be here creating jewels and empowering others. Picture an insecure young girl with trauma-based fear as her primary life guide. 


For as long as I can remember, I was obsessed with rocks and stones. Often gathering rocks and painting them, then going door to door to sell my handcrafted wares. I was always a creative and have always loved to keep my hands busy. Growing up, my favourite gifts were always craft related and being that I grew up in a single parent family (bless my mama's incredible strength) gifts were not always plentiful. When I did have the chance to ask for something specific, it was always a craft kit. You name it, I wanted it. I was blessed enough to have enjoyed quite a few and I utilized each one to their full potential. However, when the kit ran out of the kit-included supplies, we often couldn't afford to replenish them. I hated the idea of these kits just sitting around collecting dust and I often found myself using things from around the house to find a new way of using them. Even as a kid, I was resourceful; or perhaps that's where my resourcefulness comes from. I was literally being prepared for this life before I had any idea its the one I would choose to live.


My world was shaken at a very young age and thus created the stories I had accepted as true for myself.  As I got older, I was sure I was destined for failure, all I’d ever known was struggle and scarcity. When I was not quite 6 years of age, I lost my dad in a tragic accident. And if I’m being honest, my life before he passed wasn’t really a fairy tale either. There’s some dark history in my dad’s story and he struggled with a lot of emotional demons. I always saw him at his core though, he was good through and through. He had the kindest eyes and one of the warmest souls. I still remember his hugs and how safe I felt in his arms. He loved me fiercely, he loved all of us. He was, like every single one of us, living with emotional trauma and unhealed wounds. His circumstances would have been tough for anyone to conquer, and sometimes I wonder if he would have been able to had he been given more time here. The truth is, I’m not sure he would have. My point is this, that despite his dark and messy past and regardless of his many mistakes, he was my protector, my safety net. I didn’t have him long and there’s so much I didn’t get a chance to remember, but what I do remember, with all of my being, is that he loved his kids fiercely. I FELT it. I knew he would do anything to protect me. In some intuitive way, even at such a young age, I knew there were no lengths too far in terms of what he was willing to do to keep his kids and wife safe. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for us. I knew he would die for his kids, and in a way he did. And when someone you love and cherish so much, someone who makes you feel so safe is taken away from you like that, it shakes you at your core. These traumas, these emotional wounds tend to become our “truth” and ultimately shape the course of our life. They are also passed down from generation to generation, until someone heals them. Over the last 3 or 4 years I’ve been on a journey to unpack and uncover this trauma, both the traumas that have been passed down from my mom and my dad, as well as the trauma I have endured in my own life. I’m feelin’ it to heal it! Spiritual growth is a messy and beautiful adventure and some days can actually feel quite daunting – all my other spiritual woo-hoo friends know exactly what I mean. Because we know it is never ending, and some parts are hard, it can sometimes be daunting. Digging up old wounds and peeling back layers and layers of pain, reliving it all so you can truly FEEL it in order to HEAL it, well to put it bluntly, it sucks. The flip side is that the journey is beautiful and once you’ve stepped on course, nothing else will do. 






Anyway, along the way I found myself miserable in my job, underpaid and unappreciated. I wasn’t special, we were all in the same corporate boat. I guess I just hated it more than my coworkers did and simultaneously found myself really digging this life long hobby of making jewelry. One day I felt it, the call to do something different, I had been feeling it and seeing the signs for a while. Once I took that leap of faith and jumped into my jewelry full time, I found myself having heart to heart conversations with customers I had just met. I found myself creating custom orders and honing in on my intuition, I found the path I was supposed to be on and it was wonderful! 



Handmade Jewelry Regina Saskatchewan

A couple years in, I felt called for more. I found a fire inside me helping others find love for themselves. Helping people express themselves with my creations, and incorporating gemstones with intention to add more strength and clarity in their newfound love for themselves. I felt filled up by this work, by being able to spread love, compassion and empowerment to so many women truly lit my soul on fire. This calling for more manifested as what is now known as the Boss Babe Gala, an event put on by yours truly and a true gem of a friend. I dove head first into creating this event and the first year sold out!

Boss Babe Gala Regina SaskatchewanI found a further sense of fulfillment in knowing we changed lives that night. Knowing that in some way, we helped raise the Collective. We created a space of love, light, equality, kindness, compassion, inclusion, empowerment and celebration. The energy was truly magical and I was further affirmed in my calling to help others. From the beginning, I have been following nudges and signs from the Universe, doing things that don’t always make sense on paper. I have been learning the art of trust and surrender and I have given myself space to heal. It is worth mentioning how divinely cohesive it all feels too. A young, insecure, traumatized girl goes on to live a life of struggle and scarcity, further embedding into her belief system that this is all she will ever know, this is who she is. This same broken little girl found solace and comfort in her intuition and creativity. My coping mechanism has always been creativity and little did I know that it would lead me to exactly where I needed to be. Maybe I was given the gift of creativity to help cope with trauma. Or maybe I was given trauma so I could find my creativity.  I used to live with the mentality that “These are the cards I was dealt, life is simply luck of the draw” until one day I woke up and realized “These are the cards I was dealt, I decide how to play them.”

So here I am, creating pieces that help you express yourself and light a fire within you that says you are worthy! Here I am, the founder of a Gala in the name of equality and empowerment, the first of its kind. Here I am starting to truly step into my own authenticity by recognizing that I was always on this path. Up until a few years ago I was living in victimhood, allowing generational trauma and pain to guide me. When I realized I was the master of my own destiny, it changed something in me and I finally decided I was worth it. When I took that leap of faith, dove head first into unchartered territory, I found a new version of myself. The one that was in there all along, just hidden by trauma and pain. I found a girl who needed love and healing, and best of all, I found out I could do this! I never waiver in my belief for myself. I am always willing to work hard, willing to learn, often figuring things out as I go, and most importantly, I don’t give up. Finding this strength and confidence comes from a place of knowing your worth and deciding you can have the life you desire, it comes from healing and growth. And when I discovered how magical this journey was, when I felt that fire inside myself, I knew I wanted as many people as possible to discover it too! So there you have it, a bit about how we got started. 

Love, light and empathy,⁣









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