Do you dress for comfort or to stay trendy?

Do you dress for comfort or to stay trendy?

I’d be lying if I said I were super fashionable and trendy. The truth is I’m more of a comfort seeker than a trend setter. The main reason for that is I find it difficult to dress this body and these tig ol bitties!

I’m 5’1” maybe 5’2” on a good day - my license says 5’2” so we’ll go with that. Most of my “height” (I say that ironically) is in my legs, and from the bottom of my rib cage to the top of my hip bone, I have maybe 1-2” of space. My bra line in the back often comes very close to touching the waistline of my pants.

While I’ve found very very good quality bras @theelingerieshoppe and am obsessed with @empreintelingerie - the fact remains that when it comes to upper body real estate, most of it is occupied by my bosom! Bosom, haha. I remember hearing my breasts described that way as a young girl, as to not offend or disgust us when talking about our female body parts. That’s a topic for another day, but when I typed the word ‘bosom’ I laughed and almost changed it. I feel like an 80 year old 😂

Aaaaanyway! The point I’m making is this, while I may choose comfort over trends more often than not, I do rely on my jewelry and accessories to help me feel put together and dressed up when I do need to leave my cozy basement studio.
Tigerseye, moonstone, copper, statement necklace
Pictured here is ‘The Natasha’ necklace I featured yesterday, it’s always nice to see how its worn. I’d love to hear how you choose your clothes and accessories? Are you like me and dress for comfort because the 20 some pounds you carry around in your bra is enough? Or maybe you’re lucky and have one of those bodies that can fit into just about any style? Do jewelry and accessories finish your outfits too? Or do you rely mostly on your clothes to do that for you?

We’re all about embracing our differences and owning our truths around here, while loving each other throughout the process, so I’d truly love to hear from you 💕
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