How A Bird and A Pearl Became Part of my Logo + Name

How A Bird and A Pearl Became Part of my Logo + Name

The sky grew dark, the wind whistled, and I knew we were about to be hit with another storm. I was 9, we were rushing out the door to church, on a frigid Wednesday evening.

I was searching frantically for my Grandma’s pearl bracelet. My mom had “given” it to me to for special occasions. There was nothing particularly special (or so I thought) about this Wednesday, I just felt I was supposed to wear it.

Despite my best efforts, it was nowhere to be found. I looked all around as we bundled ourselves up at the crowded porch. My mom knew I was heartbroken, and said - “ask your angels to help” and we rushed out the door.

As the snow kept falling, I remember a thought creeping in - “It’s a pearl bracelet, it looks exactly like the snow that’s about to cover the entire ground. You won’t find it.”

I dismissed it, as I couldn’t bear the thought of losing that keepsake and because I’d been given the nickname ‘Hawkeye’ for my uncanny ability to find countless “needles in haystacks” - much to my mom’s surprise as I think I was the 1st of the kids to need glasses.

Finally, church ends and I’m eager to resume the search. Mom reminds me I’ll have to wait to look again tomorrow after school. As I watched the snow swirl around the vehicle, mounds of it piling up on the sides of the road and the night growing darker, I felt that doubt try to creep back in. I silenced it again.

I’d almost forgotten about the bracelet when we pulled up and mom exclaimed she’d have to shovel before we could get in the door. The mound of snow that had blown in was huge, she really did have to shovel a path for us. As we started towards the door upon her clearing it, I saw something resting ON TOP of the freshly formed mound!

It sparkled slightly less than the snow, and appeared to have a very clear, separate outline. Sitting there, right smack dab on top of all that snow, ZERO footsteps in any direction, hours after it went missing, was my pearl bracelet.

Miracles really do happen, this is one of my most profound experiences. The story found its way into my business @bluejeansandpearls and it wasn’t until about a year after that I made the connection myself. How cool is that 💖
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