Jewelry as a Recalibration Tool

Jewelry as a Recalibration Tool

Let’s talk about the art of jewelry as a powerful recalibration tool! I’ve been wearing these at least twice a week since I made them 💁🏻‍♀️

Not only are the sterling silver threaders incredibly light, they’re also simple, while making a statement! The heart shaped Black Onyx serves as a protective barrier and a reminder to myself to keep my energetic field safe and protected.

Black Onyx is helpful in blocking and transmuting negative energies, which is something this empath can never get too much of! I also LOVE the tangibility component!

I often take an object, let’s be real - it’s always crystals 😂 and set a goal, objective or intention through them. For example, my current focus is to truly love myself, which sometimes means tuning out the negative self talk and replacing it with something positive and constructive. These earrings have the intention of keeping my energetic field shielded, thanks to the Black Onyx, and the heart shape reminds me of my why. Catching glimpses of these or feeling them sweep over my neck randomly throughout the day, takes me back to the intention I set when I first wore them - which is especially helpful in recalibrating the chatter that happens in our subconscious all day long.

My pieces are filled with loving intention and thoughtfully designed to enrich your lives from the inside out! Designed with your authenticity and versatility in mind, it is my desire to create pieces you can dress up and down so you’re never without the goodness you need to get you through your day.

It’s more than jewelry, it’s a lifestyle ✨🖤

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