Meet Megan, the maker at Blue Jeans & Pearls

Meet Megan, the maker at Blue Jeans & Pearls

Hi! I’m Megan and I’m here to live life on purpose - full-heartedly, raw, real and authentic. I’m here to honour my soul’s calling, to help heal the collective and make joy my dominant intent.

If you’re into jewelry that has a purpose, filled with loving intention and created from my heart space, you’re going to love it here!

Welcome ♥️

If you’re into crystals, spiritual woo, inner work and angels, you’re going to love the new sister component to the business I’ve been working on. It’s the reason I’ve been so quiet lately, and haven’t had much opportunity to show up and connect here, but I’m coming out the other side recharged, rejuvenated and revived.

I am reborn and it feels so good 💃🏻

I’ve spent the last couple years focusing on my inner healing and learning how the journey I’ve been on has led me here - right now - to this very moment and every moment in between. I’ve been led here, to this expansion and evolution. I knew it was in me all along, I knew I was made for more, but I had lessons to learn and healing to work through before I could serve in the way I desired. And now here I am, ready, willing and able.

I can hardly wait to get to know you all on a deeper level, to continue shedding the layers I’ve been hiding behind and finally show up as my truest, most authentic self. It’s time for Megan to shine and I am so honoured you’ll be along for the ride 🙏🏻

To watch the journey unfold, you can join us over @meganraeknowles on Intagram. Set to launch on our 5th biz birthday, April 26th!

Stay tuned ✨
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