Nature is my Muse and my Therapy

Nature is my Muse and my Therapy

Another day spent outside, admiring the beauty and splendour of nature.

It’s really no surprise the most recent collection of Crystal specimen jewelry is so colourful! I LOVE colour. And I was reminded of that while finishing the yard/garden this weekend. I find colour so soothing to my inner child. I know my inner child desires soothing and nurturing, and feel so grateful to have an outdoor space that helps brings little Megan to life.

I love order and organization, almost as much as I love wonder and whimsy. And that is pretty evident in so many aspects of my life. My quirky and love filled work space. My desire to be resourceful, efficient and creative is literally fuelled by other creative ventures.

I try not to take things too seriously, and often times find myself doing just that. This garden project has been such a timely and beautiful blessing. I find myself immersed in Mother Nature and so much more connected to my inner knowing.

This space has been a breathe of fresh air for your custom requests. I’ve sat in design contemplation so many times while my hands were in the dirt, with a beautiful choir of birds serenading me in the background. Ebbing and flowing. Grounding. Connecting within.

I can hardly wait to see what labours of love come to fruition with Mother Nature as their muse. Especially excited to discover the inspiration I may find in my own backyard.

2022 feels like it’s gonna be the most rewarding year ever.

Be prepared for a LOT more colour coming your way 🌈😍
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