Peace & Love

Peace & Love

I think its safe to say we could all use a little more peace right about now. Whether that’s peace of mind, peace in your relationships, or even world peace; I think we can all agree that peace is a beautiful thing. Let’s collectively cultivate more peace by wearing this piece 😉

As you adorn yourself with this intentional piece of jewelry, may you remind yourself that you are seeking more love, light and peace in the world. May you recognize that by raising your vibration, you raise the vibration of others. Healing the self helps to heal the collective. And it has always been my mission with Blue Jeans & Pearls to help heal the collective by holding space for every one of you to not only embrace your authentic self, but to express that in your jewelry while simultaneously healing. It’s always been about intentional pieces, keepsakes that mean something and help bring you back home to your truest self. Intentional jewelry means that it’s not just a pretty piece you wear for a short time or with a select outfit, but rather a piece you can wear often as it reminds you of your why. It is my hope and intention that my pieces help keep you connected to your inner knowing, serving as powerful recalibration tools and tangible keepsake items.

As my tagline for @meganraeknowles says – “When one heals, we all heal” and I hope that when you wear your peace sign necklace, or any of my other intentional pieces, you are reminded of our common goal – peace for humankind; a hope and a desire that we may one day soon live in peace and unity.
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