Rose Quartz is the Stone of Love

Rose Quartz is the Stone of Love

Rose Quartz is such an incredible stone. Powerful, yet gentle. Healing, and soothing. Empowering and calming. Filled with the vibration of love, there’s not a single person alive that wouldn’t benefit from some Rose Quartz in their life.


Known as the ultimate love stone, Rose Quartz helps one to see love within themselves. Softening the edges of one's heart and making space for one to view themselves with the same grace and love they bestow upon others. Rose Quartz works on many levels to invite love in so the wearer is better able to give and receive love, with a whole heart. This creates expansion in the wearer, creating a ripple effect of the one thing we can never have too much of - LOVE ♥

Rose Quartz has long been known as the talisman of love, and to date is still used as an expression of love. Known to be helpful in times of grief, and aids in mending a broken heart. Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to gift someone when you desire to express and cultivate love and comfort. 

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