Show Your Support with Bracelets for a Cause

Show Your Support with Bracelets for a Cause

If you’ve been following along for a while now, you’ll likely know that here at Blue Jeans & Pearls, we have always, and will always, stand for equality.

It is my life’s work and true calling to help others feel loved, accepted and supported. It is my belief that we are ALL worthy of being loved and accepted and until we live in a world where that is true, I will continue to fight for empowerment and equality. I will stand with those who need me, I will be a voice for those who aren’t being heard and I will hold the hearts of our BlPOC communities in mine. If people can hate for no reason, I can love for no reason. I yearn for a world in which we aren’t divided by our skin colour, our beliefs or our social status and instead are connected and whole - simply because we exist.

In a world that seems quite bleak at the moment, it is important to remember our presence here with humility and immense gratitude. We are guests on this beautiful planet and it’s time we start acting like it. It’s time to remember that we are ALL connected, we are all ONE RACE - the human race. We need to remember that we all bleed the same, we all survive heartache, and we all fuck up from time to time.

 Truth be told, I’m a little confused and overwhelmed with all of it myself. I have much to learn and believe I always will, but while I learn I am committed to being an ally and holding space for conversation. May we all find the strength to look inside ourselves and uncover any racism that may systemically exist within us. May we all have the courage to be a voice and stand up for what is right. May we all work together for the greater good and find ways to unite us as a whole. May humankind be both those things - human and kind. May love prevail. 

Love & Light

Full disclosure, I used to be of the “ALL lives matter” opinion, but I see things more clearly now. I hope that one day we get to live in a world where saying “ALL lives matter” actually holds merit. I hope one day we get to live in a world that is kinder, more compassionate and united. Which is why we need to do this work now, while we have momentum. I’m not saying I agree with everything going on in the world right now, but I do know this - I stand for the empowerment and equality of ALL KINDS. Just as I support women and fight for equality in my everyday life and with the @bossbabegala, I stand with those who need a reminder that they too are loved and supported.

Boss Babe Gala

And right now, our BIPOC communities need our help. They need, and deserve to have, a voice. There’s so much I have yet to learn, and so many things I can’t begin to understand. However, I believe that if I have a platform to help, I have an obligation to help. Furthermore, I want to help. It’s hard to know the best way to do that, because it seems no matter what you do, you hurt or offend somebody. Believing in, and supporting the BLM movement does not mean I am anti-police, it doesn’t mean I support the riots and it certainly doesn’t mean I think Black lives are more important than Indigenous lives, or the lives of any other race; it simply means I stand behind the notion that ALL kinds deserve love. It means I believe in equality for all kinds. It means that even though I don’t agree with rioting and violence, I empathize with those who do, and I understand why they feel it is necessary. I shouldn’t even have to clarify what it means for me to support the BLM movement, and yet here I am.

 Like I said, I don’t know the next best steps to fixing the problem at large, but I believe it starts with a conversation. And I am committed to being an ally by holding space for conversation and creating an opportunity for that to happen. I created these bracelets as wearable Conversation Starters. It is our hope that by creating opportunity for conversation we will help pave the way to a better future. In addition to these bracelets serving as a tangible token of our support and a gateway to conversation, we will also be donating 30% from the sale of each bracelet to the @blackinsask movement.

BLM Bracelet

Our wearable Conversation Starts are available in two bead sizes, 6mm and 8mm. Stunning Black Onyx paired with gold, rose gold or silver accents.


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