Soar, BE YOU!

Soar, BE YOU!

As a young girl, I always found peace and comfort when a butterfly graced me with a visit. It somehow reminded me of my daddy, and always felt like a hug from him. I decided then and there, that butterflies were my daddy’s way of communicating with me and reminding me that love transcends time and space; that he would always be with me.

I felt the symbolism of it, the significance of what a butterfly represented, and I knew at a young age that there was a beautiful energy accompanying the butterfly.

Even before I looked into their meaning, I knew they represented peace, comfort, hope and transformation. I remember being floored when I learned that these beautiful fairy-like beings started out as humble little insects. I’ve since learned that butterflies also represent positivity and spiritual growth, among many other common symbolisms – resurrection, rebirth, fertility, triumph and joy to name a few. The meanings and symbolism vary from culture to culture, but the reverence is the same across the globe.

I believe a lot of the reverence we have towards butterflies has to do with their incredible transformation, going from caterpillar to a beautiful winged creatures is nothing short of majestic.

Just like us. We go through so much transformation to become our best self. Growth, change and expansion, mixed with a knowing and an honouring of where we’ve been. While our past is a part of us, we no longer look there for our lessons or guidance. As evolved beings, beautiful butterflies, we no longer look to the past for guidance - instead we look within, using our wings to move us forward.

Butterflies are pure love, light and magic. They are childlike splendour and ancient wisdom in one.

As you glance down at the butterfly on your wrist, I hope you close your eyes and imagine a butterfly is perched on your arm; reminding you how beautiful and majestic you are. Imagine this experience is real, allow yourself to be in the moment, to pause, catch your breath and ready yourself for your next adventure.

Let this butterfly represent your beautiful, authentic soul in it’s purest form, having learned from your transformation.

Evolve – Fly - Soar - Be YOU!

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