The Energy of Handmade

The Energy of Handmade

There’s a different kind of energy in a handmade piece. There’s heart, soul, passion and fire. There’s a human being behind the design, a living, breathing human being creating a piece from her heart. There’s thought, assessing, inspiration and creativity. There’s doubts and fears, mistakes and heartache; there’s also clarity and excitement, successes and celebrations.

Clear Quartz Focal Point Necklace

When I create, I’m literally infusing some of my energy into the final result. It is intentional work, and that same energy that's infused into my creations, can help fuel another’s energy. When you buy from me, you aren’t just buying a piece, you are buying a little bit of my story, a treasured piece of my soul. You are buying my successes and my failures, you are buying my inspiration and the time it takes to create these pieces and this business. When you buy from me, you keep my dreams alive and inspire creativity.

Crystal Point Statement Necklace

As a deeply empathic soul, I am often inspired by emotions, my own or those of the Collective. Emotions are energy in motion, and utilizing that as a source of inspiration is rewarding, albeit sometimes exhausting. My energy is sacred, it is my most precious resource and I use it wisely. 


"When you buy from me, you are buying so much more than what you see, you are buying a piece of my heart, a treasured piece of my energy."

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