Wear Your Healing, Wear Your Crystals

Wear Your Healing, Wear Your Crystals

Not quite ready to say peace out summer!? Neither am I, but I am loving this warm and sunny start to fall 🍂

I find myself wearing my crystals a lot these days! Wearing my crystals is an easy, and beautiful, way to incorporate their metaphysical magic into my everyday life.

Anxious? There’s a crystal for that. Empathetic? There’s a crystal for that! Feeling a bit drained and overstimulated? You guessed it, there’s a crystal to help with that too! Mother Earth has provided us with so many resources and tools to heal and feel good, and I’ve certainly been leaning on them quite heavily as of late!

If you’re the type to wear your crystals too, you’ll love so many of our new bracelet designs! Not finding exactly what you're after? Reach out to chat about something custom, that is my FAV ♥
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