Blue Jeans & Pearls Shopping Udpates

Blue Jeans & Pearls Shopping Udpates

Here’s me looking at my week thinking “As long as there’s coffee and Wifi, we’re gonna be just fine” - If you haven’t already heard, we’re excited to announce that you can now find us at With These Hands - a #yqr gem conveniently located on Saskatchewan Dr. right by Malinche and Pile O’ Bones Brewing Co. 

This means you can shop, sip and eat locally and do it all with ease. It also means you’ll be able to pick up your previously paid orders from With These Hands instead of scheduling a curbside pick-up directly from me. We’ll be making two drops a week to ensure a speedy turnaround time.

In addition to this exciting news, we wanted to let you know the ways in which we’re committed to keeping you all safe this holiday season. So here we are 👇🏼

As always, we are offering curbside pick-up from our home base and now through With These Hands. We are also offering delivery to Regina and surrounding areas as well as free shipping on all website orders over $125. We offer a simple, flat rate shipping on all other website orders.

Personal, one-on-one appointments are being offered on a discretionary basis. Please reach out if you have any questions, and know that we are happy to book a shopping appointment via video messaging as well!

And of course, all orders purchased and packed here at our home base will be wrapped in a Christmas gift bag (or our standard bag) so it’s nice and easy to sneak under the tree! We provide little plastic baggies, with anti-tarnish tabs and care instructions with each item, so everything is packaged and sealed for you upon pick-up! And in true Christmas spirit, we include a Lindt chocolate truffle with every gift, until supplies last that is 🍫

Happy Shopping and thanks so much for supporting your local, small and handmade businesses this season. We truly appreciate you 💞

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