Megan is wearing a white sweater, holding her sunglasses and running her hands through her hair. She's standing against a concrete wall with a beautiful rainbow above her, like an arch of Angelic protection.

Part 2 - Energy Flow & Alignment (Custom Orders)

I believe everything is energy. Vibrations, frequencies, emotions and experiences; and we have the power to cultivate more of the energy we desire. We set intention to our actions and set forth energy. This gives us momentum. Once you have momentum, energy builds.

Like this giant Redwood tree; standing so strong, so tall, so regal. This tree is the result of years and years of energy. Drawing energy from the lush landscape it resides in, from the sun and the skies. And all this tree did was exist, trusting and surrendering to the process of growth. Everything the tree needed was provided, she simply had to be and she would grow.

This state of ease is a choice, a practice. It involves intentionally choosing to cultivate more of the energy you desire. It requires honouring your needs and setting boundaries. It requires you to protect your energy and be selective of who and what has access to it.

As an Empath, this is especially important. While I am almost certain this empathetic gift is why I’m able to connect to your requests and intuitively allow your energy to guide the creation process, it is also imperative that I’m fully grounded and anchored before I work on your request. I need to ensure that my energy is protected and that I am at my best while I channel this energy and evoke it into the creation I’m making for you.

It is an act of love, of sacred service. And it is incredibly precious.

It is for this reason, I have decided to take a short break on accepting new custom orders (with a few exceptions). I know, I really didn’t see this coming either. 

Continue to Part 3 to find out more about my why and what that means for you going forward.

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