Mixed metal charms, hand-stamped discs on dainty chain. The background is a bundle of dried lavender and sage. Customized necklaces, stamped to your request with a quick turnaround time.

Part 3 - Honouring my Truth & Trusting the Process

So if you didn’t already, you now know just how special and intimate a custom request is, and it is my hope that you understand the love and energy of my process with more profound clarity.

Custom orders are my heart and soul. We all know this. I love to create special pieces for you. Intuitively designed by drawing on the energy of your request. These are truly a work of heart, and a labour of love. Which is what makes them my favourite.

This is also what makes them the most demanding of my time and energy. Not to mention that for every custom request, I have to clear my working space in entirety and pull out all new supplies, colours, etc. Custom orders are so much more than a piece of jewelry. They are keepsakes, unique and personal, made with love and intention. And while I LOVE the energy of this work, I am being called to once again, shift.

In order to honour my soul’s calling, to protect and amplify my energy and to continue to lead with love and service, there will be an increase in the turnaround time of custom orders. Simple custom requests will still have a quick turnaround time. Things like sizing and adding an extender chain, or swapping a charm; stamping a tag - these things will remain the same. It is the intuitively guided, energetically infused custom requests that will require more time. This is truly a sacred gift, and I am being called to honour the sanctity of this gift by honouring my worth.

I will be focusing more on ready made pieces for a while, and taking a bit of a break from custom orders so I can focus on the offerings and packages with @meganraeknowles

I have quite a few in person market and pop-up experiences in the next little while and I am focusing all my energy there right now. I am soooo excited to get back out there and see some smiling faces!

Stay tuned for more on this whole process, as I’m allowing myself to go with the flow I don’t have any concrete timelines in place.

And don’t forget, at Blue Jeans & Pearls it’s more than jewelry, it’s a lifestyle ✨
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