Love Potion ♥

A blend of EOs intended to cultivate more love, and evoke feelings of calm, serenity and bliss. Created with rose petals and Rose Quartz + Pink Spinel chips to add an extra layer of love, this potion is dreamy and easy to apply. 

Handcrafted by yours truly, and created with loving intention. Simply give the bottle a light shake, the chips help with keeping the oils blended. Use the dropper to apply to your wrists or heart space. I like to use some breathwork with my affirmations. On my inhale as I draw in the scent of the potion, I call in whatever it is I'm calling in that day. On my exhale, I release whatever I am releasing. Something like this - 

Inhale: I call in love, peace and joy - repeat this aloud or in your mind, and draw in that beautiful intentional aroma.

Exhale: I release hate, fear and judgement - repeat this aloud or in your mind. Make that exhale big and powerful.

This is a very simple example, but can be used with any intention. Adding the breathwork provides your central nervous system with grounding and allows you to be more present. Inhale through the nose as full as you can, and exhale through the mouth with full release. I apply my potion to my wrists to start, then repeat my mantra or affirmation several times and finish with applying a drop or two of potion to my heart space. Holding my hands over my heart, closing my eyes and repeating a softer inhale/exhale as I give thanks for this beautiful practice and honour myself for showing up for me ♥

Love Potion